Monday, August 3, 2009

"$120?! i could make *that*..."

a phrase my friends are coming to know and love...or at least know and then run from the room before i rope them in to help. so had the day off (from work at least--not from family or moving, apparently. ANYHOW) and i wanted to get some things sorted around the house since we've got a month's worth of guests starting next week, and my now-ex-roomate (sad! but it's ok too) left us her mattress (queen, YAY!) and old metal bed frame, but we would either have had to wrangle a box spring (which hadn't worked out so well in our place in the past) or get those wooden slat things.

thought process: wooden slats it is. start where everyone [i know] starts, wooden slats for a queen sized bed are $120. A HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS. for a bunch of 1 x 2s strung together. me: "i can make that!" [somewhere my dad's heart overflows with pride at this exact moment] mister man: "i don't have to come, do i?...i mean, i will, but i would rather not" (he is the main proponent of running from the room when he hears "i could make that", although he's supportive of the making and the fabulouso finished products).

so anyhow, an hour and a half later, i have conquered home depot and the bed frame, fixing the whole show up for under $20. take THAT ikea!

then this evening, i got back to the tumbler quilt which i have been guiltily watching sit in the pile for some time now because i have lacked inspiration for the backing. long story short: i found a cute sheet at value village, and the quilt is backed, quilted, and the binding is sewn on, and now i just have to flip the binding and hand-sew it, which i actually SUPER love doing. and now that it's all cute and together, i REALLY like it, and am kind of sad to see it go. pictures tomorrow at the snb reunion tour.

also started last night was an olive rose-esque quilt that i have had pieces of vintage sheet swap fabric cut for for AGES. i say olive rose because clearly i can't follow printed directions to save my life. i didn't like the busy-ness of olive rose, so cut down the numbers of fabrics. then i redistributed how i wanted them to go. then i started sewing and realized i hated one of the fabrics i had. then i realized that i wasn't piecing it really according to the pattern, but that once it was finished, no one would be the wiser anyhow, so i stopped worrying. then i realized that my rows weren't entirely the same size, and decided that i would cut them down (or not) when i got all four of them done. i'm hoping to get all of the top pieced this week (i'm halfway there) and then quilted this weekend VERY quickly because i realized that i have guests (a lot of them) coming this week, and no blankets (how embarassing!) because i gave a bunch to charity in the spring. oops!

so tired now. headed to bed after a long, kind of frustrating, kind of nice, kind of productive day. xo!


  1. Ummm, crap. I totally have those wooden slats from Ikea that won't work with the bed now (but brought them with me in case they did). You can have them for free if you still want them.

  2. thanks! but i'm good. i made one for $20. :)