Sunday, December 6, 2009

and so ends another weekend.

and we're a week closer to christmas. and i didn't get "enough" done on my gifts, whatever that magic total would be. BUT, i did get blocks done for my bee!

*untrimmed because i didn't want to screw it up by accident*

not so sure i love this one

and i got the bias tape onto the baby quilts, and some of the edging sewn down.

the preemie quilts

another baby quilt made up of the same blocks.

and i even had a bit of help from the dog.

misc 025

yes, that would be old polyfill batting that she is sleeping in. :|

Saturday, December 5, 2009

still no pictures!

i'm so boring lately. no, really, i am. almost all the crafting i've been doing has been gift-related, which necessitates a lack of blogging pictures. :( but never fear, tonight i sew, and that can definitely have pictures. i've got the baby quilt and the three preemie quilts basted, and lots of bias tape to bind with all ready to go. the holdup: i have to wind bobbins again. bleh! and, i've also got some blocks to make for my bee, so that should keep me out of trouble tonight. and, i've got LOTS of time to craft, since i have to be up until at least 1 to pick up mister man and his mummers from the airport. not ideal timing, but i'll take any chance i can to get more crafting done, really. and, tomorrow is gloriously all mine for crafting, minus a bit of time to be spent putting snow tires on the car, with the (hopefully!) gracious help of my brother. :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i'z be crafty biotches.

that's right, plural. that's just how i'm rolling. going to quilt, and hopefully it will calm me down a bit. bad day at work. over work. independently wealthy please?