Monday, March 23, 2009

you've got to put out to get any action...

this has always been my motto. and today, it fully paid off. i've been signing up for swaps and ordering fabric, and it's all been coming in the mail! i got my fabric from pink chalk. i'm VERY excited.

it's got my first fabric with rocket ships on them. ROCKET SHIPS. and jonathan livingston seagull fabric! and some other miscellany, mostly on sale. mmmmmmm sale fabrics. :) i'z a lucky, happy girl.

i also got some charm square swap fabrics. got lots more coming in the next little bit, and three different cuts of thrifted sheets for my upcoming picnic blanket.

can't remember where this link came from, but the dog will be getting one of these similary in style but hand knitted by me. diamond is mostly excited, i'm pretty sure.

finished cutting my circles for my summer quilt, and knitted a dishcloth for a friend whose brother is graduating from bootcamp and becoming a real marine. :) going to dye (likely tomorrow) a knitted laptop case for a friend of mine. this will be my first foray into kool-aid dying! :D

Thursday, March 19, 2009


so guess what came in the mail yesterday?!!? 700 buttons!

AND, some loverly jay mccarroll fabric, winter wonderland. i'm going to use this for a prezzie for a friend, kind of surprisey-like, so no more deets, but it's SO nice.

and soon...there will be pink chalk fabric fabrics, which i'm very, vurrrrrrrrry excited about.

tonight: cutting more circles, and possibly starting on my patchwork project for my partner for lindamade's patchwork swap.

tomorrow: sending out some vintage sheets for a swap-bot swap, for eventually to make a picnic blanket a la this.

and finally, i'm madly knitting a making dishcloth for a friend's bebe bro for his graduation next week from boot camp. cuz what every new marine wants: dishcloths knitted by his sister's friends who he's never met. :D

Friday, March 13, 2009

also note my FABULOUS new (to me) pfaff machine in my sewing room. it was such a good little sewer tonight all fixing up my buttonhole beautifully. :) i already love that thing so much. :DDD

my grandmother's buttons.


took the day off work to rest before a stressful weekend and a MIL visit next week. my main goal for the day was to pick up my disastrous sewing area, which was mainly a success. now i've got to figure out one more small shelving spot and hanging up my rulers and cutting boards. and, i want to do something with my grandmother's buttons. they are housed presently, but not very nicely. i'd like to put them in jars or something, and then have them somewhere visible, but i'm quite sure what i'm doing with them, and i also don't have any shelving for them just now.


see how clean and lacking in shelving?!??

i've found the lovely kathy at pink chalk studio, which might actually be the cutest fabric store ever. waiting impatiently for my haul of *sale* YAY fabrics! also very important is the fact that she ships to canada AND that she ships to canada at an extremely reasonable price!

and, i decided tonight that for our trip this weekend, i need a small bag for my toiletries, so that's what i've been up to this evening. mister man didn't like the overall denim that i chose to use for the outside, but definitely liked the green i picked for the lining. denim is a recycled pair of overalls and the green is a reclaimed silky-ish scarf with some lightweight interfacing. going to figure out how my machine makes buttonholes for me, and then it'll be done and i'll be tucked up in bed.



all in all, a productive day, but i'm ready for another 10 hour night. :) which would be ok except that i come to bed to find these little scenes all set up for me.


the dog, in the span of me being in the bathroom brushing my teeth and washing my face, hid her bone on my laptop and dragged over the man's sweater to cover it. such a silly monkey that little dog is...

Monday, March 9, 2009

swaps, swaps and more swaps!

haven't really been MAKING anything lately. this weekend was a disaster relaxing-wise and crafting-wise, so super busy. also, i've got to get to the fabric store for a few FQs for swaps, but i should soon have some swap results. :D going to keep cutting and start working up a pattern for a small bag for the patchwork swap and then i'm going to keep moving on my one-tone-two-toned shrug.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

wedding shower gift

so i'm thinking of making these coasters, designed by lindamade for a friend's wedding shower at the end of may. i'm in her wedding, and she's very crafty, so i think that she'll really like them. and i can make them in her wedding colours and they'll be cute, i i just need to order several hundred buttons and get working on it. :) i've already started scouting ebay.

and then i'm going to make her a freestyle wonky log cabin for the actual wedding gift, in a provencal blue and cream.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

prezzies in the mail!

so not feeling at ALL super today--left work because i was having some anxiety rising issues and got home and am now feeling mega nauseated. but to make me feel a bit better, i got my package from my ravelry karma yarn swap partner, a lovely girl named curlie. it is just BOOOOOOOTIFUL, i can't even believe.


in here: misti baby alpaca, which is SOOOOOOOO soft and SOOOOOOO fat, i lurves. malabrigo--YUM. some local alpaca, LOVE me the local everything. LOTS of chocklits, which i shall hide from the boy and eat when i'm not feeling nauseated. they are from trader joe's, which i've heard lots about but still haven't quite figured out what it is comparable to in canada. sylvi, a pattern which i just got yarn for, but hadn't gotten the actual PATTERN--curlie must have read my mind. ;)

there was also a 6 pack holder from trader joe's for beeeeeer, which is HILARIOUS because here in ontario, you can get these same 6 packs for wine bottles at the LCBO, so this is a baby version of a bigger 6 pack holder i already have and use often! hahahahhaha--maybe too much booze? heck no!

and, of course, there was a lovely note which made me laugh, because i've been trained by my gran to read the note or card first, so i was all pawing through the package and guiltily saw/opened the note which said "open the yarnz first, then read this"...which I clearly did NOT need to be told twice and ripped into the package! :D

i also had this to deal with when i got home. she is terrifically sad because i'm not feeling well enough to play. she did, however, come and take advantage of my not feeling well to lick me all over the fact (which i don't normally put up with because she tends to try to lick in your mouth and all up your nose, which is pretty yuk...)


oh! and, not pictured: the dog treats that curlie sent for diamonddog. i swear that that dogfink has a sixth sense about these things. she heard the crinkle, jumped off the lazyboy, where i *swear* she was asleep, and then whined and wiggled while i fumbled to try to get the bag open.

other than that, not much crafting went on in my life this past weekend. we didn't end up taking hte trian to quebec city because it was booked, so we drove (read: i drove because mister man doesn't drive standard, which is what i gots in my car). i did a bit on the sleeve of the apple green shrug i'm making, but that's it. at stitch n' bitch last night, i started cutting on the mountains of fabric that i'm cutting for the back of my orangepeel quilt. i've picked a navy polka dot print, and this is what i've got done so far. not much considering how much i need to get done.


more crafting action tonight and this weekend. i need to cut out another approximately million nickels for the many swaps i'm signed up for. i need to get mailing on that, i think! i just LOVE getting mail, and sending out prezzies to new people. :)