Monday, March 23, 2009

you've got to put out to get any action...

this has always been my motto. and today, it fully paid off. i've been signing up for swaps and ordering fabric, and it's all been coming in the mail! i got my fabric from pink chalk. i'm VERY excited.

it's got my first fabric with rocket ships on them. ROCKET SHIPS. and jonathan livingston seagull fabric! and some other miscellany, mostly on sale. mmmmmmm sale fabrics. :) i'z a lucky, happy girl.

i also got some charm square swap fabrics. got lots more coming in the next little bit, and three different cuts of thrifted sheets for my upcoming picnic blanket.

can't remember where this link came from, but the dog will be getting one of these similary in style but hand knitted by me. diamond is mostly excited, i'm pretty sure.

finished cutting my circles for my summer quilt, and knitted a dishcloth for a friend whose brother is graduating from bootcamp and becoming a real marine. :) going to dye (likely tomorrow) a knitted laptop case for a friend of mine. this will be my first foray into kool-aid dying! :D

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  1. He liked them very much. Says thank you. Said "Wow, I really underestimated your skills," which I take as a compliment for all of us. :)