Sunday, April 12, 2009

giveaway and mail like woah!

srsly, woah! so i got home from a fabulous two week getaway and found a HUGE stack of mail all full of fat quarters and nickel swaps and the like. fabulous. then i found a lovely offer for 30 fat quarters from pigtales. all you have to do is comment and she's going to draw names and just GIVE AWAY fabric. give it away. so lovely.

now, i've got to try and keep unpacking. i've already made a huge mess of the apartment and mister man has made fun of me for being such a big disaster in such a short period of time. at least the dog missed me, i suppose!


  1. Thanks for the shout out about my give away!

  2. correction: the dog and the roommate missed you :-p
    Also, D and I were both very jealous of the very cool parcels you got in the mail...every. day.

  3. Yeah, when I was over I was definitely oggling your packages (haha). So jealous.

  4. hahahaha. stop stalking me, you monkies!