Monday, November 29, 2010

i ♥ my work(place)

well, i ♥ my work too, but still. my workplace is just adorable. we've started knitting twice a week, and we're going to start a knitalong. and even though i'm at home watching columbo (for reals) and knitting with the dog curled up with me and the cat watching for his opportunity to git my yarn, i was thinking of my work knitting cuties. and it makes me happy. especially with all of our mounting christmas knitting.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

knitting like a fiend

so i've finished stockpiling bibs like it's 1999 (assuming, of course that y2k had more to do with spit up than mass chaos...), and now i've moved onto the insane christmas rush. which i was determined to avoid this year, and so started knitting christmas socks (6 pairs) for stocking stuffers in august. AUGUST. so that i wouldn't be rushing like last year.

and then, the group gift for mister man's family didn't work out, and now i've got 5 more adult gifts to figure out, and four gifts for our little neices. oh my! BUT, this *did* mean that i had good reason to get to a yarn store! :D and a craft show.

hit up the ottawa guild of potters annual christmas sale. and got some fabulous wine tumblers, as well as some mugs for mister man, which he didn't expressly say that he wanted, but i wanted to get for him, so that's what he's getting. and then the girls and i hit up wabi sabi, FREAKING FINALLY. none of us had ever been, and i got the last of the yarn that i needed for the adult gifts, including a cowl, a scarf, and two boy hats.

still not sure what the girls are getting. they are 5, 7, 9 & 11, so quite a range. maybe i'll sew something, since that's faster (unless i have to have to pull it up and start again...).

so yeah. no pictures, but lots of plans. good thing that we're knitting two days a week at lunch at work. PLUS, so exciting: there is talk about starting a knitalong in the new year. i've always wanted to be a part of a knitalong, but somehow have never managed to get on board with one...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

so i've been doing stuff...

i swears!

started a knitting club at work! yay! so i'm getting my christmas sock knitting all finished up nicely. huzzah! thankfully, no one on my knitting list reads my blog. teehee. :)

and i've been getting baby things done up the wazoo. stockpiling bibs like it's 1999. and then the y2k was more about spit-up and less about computers. (no picture, they weren't turning out nicely.)

and i've been baby blanket'ing it up. unfortunately, no stockpile. that's my plan for the next year since a lot of people i know are getting married and knocked up. it's a bit surreal. but it ends up with cute knits and baby blankets:

this was my first dresden plate, which i made from amy's tutorial and a pattern that i made up out of bristol board. the part about pinning it flat was ESPECIALLY helpful.

and this is my first try at a values quilt, and in the sunlight it looks like it REALLY worked out well! :) i will for sure be making another one of these...

and i'm out. (like elvis.)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ooh, i forgot! i have cute pictures of the cat (who is pretty freaking awesome when he stays away from the yarn and stops meowing in the morning) from halloween. the dog got locked in the sewing room with me all night, barking her face off, and the cat spent all night here:

because he was afraid of the barking. poor little monkey!

sharing the yarn love

i've been knitting a lot lately, and have been able to share the yarn love a LOT--we've got a knitting group at work, i've got great ladies to knit with at home, i dragged a few people to a recent fibrefest, and i'm even getting the cat and the boy into it. it turns out that in another life, the cat and i would have been fast friends, what with our mutual love of yarn. sadly, in this life: the cat is a complete a-hole who rips my yarn apart if i leave it anywhere lower than the top of the bookshelf. SIGH. i'm figuring it out, but not without frustration, sadly.

BUT, i've been getting all kinds of things finished, and even more started. the girl at the yarn store has started making fun of me for turning up so often! i've uploaded some photos, but don't really have anything interesting, since i just remembered that i forgot to photgraph the two baby quilts that i just finished.

more soon!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

oh i have missed you. same old same old, with an added whinge about my computer giving out again a bit. managed to miss blogtoberfest, which makes me a bit sad. i've also been missing writing.

but, i've been crafting up a storm, and will have tons of pics soon. :) baby things galore, and i've started christmas knitting, and i just found out that almost everyone at work is crafty too, so we might start a lunch-time knitting club, which i think would be simply divine!

all for now, mostly a post for myself to assuage some of the guilt and get myself back here.