Thursday, November 11, 2010

sharing the yarn love

i've been knitting a lot lately, and have been able to share the yarn love a LOT--we've got a knitting group at work, i've got great ladies to knit with at home, i dragged a few people to a recent fibrefest, and i'm even getting the cat and the boy into it. it turns out that in another life, the cat and i would have been fast friends, what with our mutual love of yarn. sadly, in this life: the cat is a complete a-hole who rips my yarn apart if i leave it anywhere lower than the top of the bookshelf. SIGH. i'm figuring it out, but not without frustration, sadly.

BUT, i've been getting all kinds of things finished, and even more started. the girl at the yarn store has started making fun of me for turning up so often! i've uploaded some photos, but don't really have anything interesting, since i just remembered that i forgot to photgraph the two baby quilts that i just finished.

more soon!

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