Sunday, November 21, 2010

so i've been doing stuff...

i swears!

started a knitting club at work! yay! so i'm getting my christmas sock knitting all finished up nicely. huzzah! thankfully, no one on my knitting list reads my blog. teehee. :)

and i've been getting baby things done up the wazoo. stockpiling bibs like it's 1999. and then the y2k was more about spit-up and less about computers. (no picture, they weren't turning out nicely.)

and i've been baby blanket'ing it up. unfortunately, no stockpile. that's my plan for the next year since a lot of people i know are getting married and knocked up. it's a bit surreal. but it ends up with cute knits and baby blankets:

this was my first dresden plate, which i made from amy's tutorial and a pattern that i made up out of bristol board. the part about pinning it flat was ESPECIALLY helpful.

and this is my first try at a values quilt, and in the sunlight it looks like it REALLY worked out well! :) i will for sure be making another one of these...

and i'm out. (like elvis.)


  1. Um, that values quilt? Is AMAZING. Well done!

  2. for the record, your quilt was a HIT at laura's shower. every single person there loved it and several want you to set up an online shop so they can pay you to make things ;)

  3. awww, thanks ladies! And for the record: no online much work. Although maybe if it meant no having to go to work...

  4. That values quilt is amazing - seriously!!