Sunday, November 29, 2009

winter's coming...

there is snow in the forecast for EVERY.DAY. next week. thankfully, i have enough projects to allow me to hunker down and ideally, of course.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

yay intarwebs again!

so FINALLY my intarwebs seem to working again, which is AWESOME. i've been waiting to upload a bazillion pictures, and finally get back to blogging, it's been SO long!

i have this lingering photo of the kaffee fasset-esque quilt as it was just finished on our bed. it's keeping us nice and warm. :)

all the junk IS on mister man's side of the bed, but not by design. probably the only time ever this will happen, so good thing i caught it on film...;)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


oh well. i'm here now, so what more do you want?

i'm doing well with jacquie's challenge . my wedding quilt is finished, and my friend was up this past weekend, so already got to enjoy it:

the baby blanket is basted, with an ADORABLE old sheet on the back, which i'm glad that i got to use in a cute setting...and with the leftover wedding quilt blocks, i've basted three preemie quilts for my guild's charity stuff. i'm hoping to have the quilting done on all three of these this weekend, and i have more than enough bias tape from the bias tape extravaganza of '09 to be able to bind all of these as well. YAY!

christmas knitting is also coming along: two projects finished, two more on the go, seven more waiting in the wings and then i'm DONE! sounds like it's going well, right? ;)

in other news, upholstery [class] has finished, although upholstery is not quite finished. le sigh.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the quilt, she is quilted. the binding is sewn on, and the night will be spent in pursuit of finishing hand stitching it down.

and, the socks march on. and i'm half done my mother-in-law's gift, and my mum's gift is done. still up, both sister-in-laws, both brother-in-laws, mister man, my brother, and crowns for two little nieces. but i think that it will come together quickly, so long as i keep my head down and keep going. and the next couple of weeks are going to provide a LOT of extra crafting time, which is quite exciting. :D

PLUS, for jacquie's joy in the new year challenge, the wedding quilt will make one finish, and i re-pieced the baby top with the leftover blocks from the wedding quilt, so that's almost ready to go, and next up there will be a border for the vintage sheet quilt, adn then i'll be ready to rent long-arm time and try my hand at that, which is pretty exciting.

finally, november is my month for bee addicted 3, and the girls are just making THE MOST AMAZING blocks. see here!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


so i've been crafting a bit, but mostly secret, christmas-y sort of crafting. so no pictures of that, because you really never can tell who is lurking about. ;)

i also need to commit to my UFO project for jacquie's joy in the new year challenge. i've got four ufos that i'm committing to, in pretty much every stage of un-finished-ness.

the wedding quilt, which will have to be done by november 21st, which is when my bride is coming to visit. it's half-quilted, so this is at least feasible, especially now that the lights in my sewing room work again.

then, there's the vintage sheets quilt, which will need to have a border added to it, and then will need to be quilted. i'm not totally sure what i'm doing with it yet, but i think that it might be a good candidate for trying out the quilt shop's long arm rental.

the third is the baby quilt with the leftover blocks from the wedding quilt, which was all ready to go when mister man had an unfortunate bleach incident. now it's picked to pieces waiting for replacement blocks to go in. thankfully i have a TON of replacement blocks, so it should be pieced in no time.

finally is the whirlygiggle baby quilt, which is still in the same states as last time i thought about it--i have a few blocks done, but need to figure out what fabrics i would like to use for the rest of the quilt. so far, i have no inspiration, but we'll see.

and this will take care of my ufos for a while. i've still got jane in the back of my mind, but i'm in no particular hurry there. and, after all, there is a lot of christmas crafting to be done.