Saturday, February 6, 2010


i accidentally effed up the stupid formatting for my stupid blog, and that's at least half the reason why i haven't been here at all. SO.ANNOYED.


so i've been ages. and i haven't really been present here at all. or a lot present in craftiness. but i'm here for the moment. i've had a bit of crafting sucess. i'm at least monstly caught up with my bees:

and i've been getting some baby stuffs done...

these bibs are SO tiny! i can't believe that i know people who are going to be in charge of people who are going to be small enough to fit into these bibs.

and i'm getting some wedding stuff done for my bride. and i just realised that next month is my month for one of my bees, so i'm going to have to start cutting up fabric and making out instructions. exciting, but scary!