Friday, July 17, 2009

ripped stitches...but no spilled milk.

(at least) i hate, hate, hate ripping stitches. i know that it usually always means that i've made a mistake, but it also goes hand in hand with "i'm too tired" and "i don't have the patience for this", which is usually what precipitated the ripping stitches. even when i was little when i sat at the machine too long, my mum would have to come and be like "nope, you're too tired, this is enough for today". clearly, lessons were not learned. BUT, i do have a cute new *secret* project underway!

OH, and pinkchalk is having a loverly sale and i got in on the ground floor, to start wedding quilt take two. for another wedding. for another person. not that i've screwed up wedding quilt one. WHICH IS FINISHED BY THE WAY. at least the top. dunno if i mentioned. and it's huge. but mostly: the top she is finished. hooray!

and now to bed.


Saturday, July 11, 2009


no more sewing news to report, but mister man is home from a week away. diamond is so happy. she spent all night following him around and being generally completely in love with him, and is now all settled because the house is back to normal. oh, and i guess i'm pretty happy he's home too. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

argh! then yay! then argh! again.

tonight was semi-productive in my little crafting world. less productive in my exercise and not eating everything on the planet world, but that's not the point here. so skipping exercise, and getting some pizza (gluten free, yum!) out of the way, i decided that the wedding quilt would not make itself and would just have to be smaller because i was no longer interested in remaking 6 or so blocks. good, i have lots of blocks and tend to way overshoot sizes anyhow because we (in my bed) are both coverhogs, and so quilts have to be HUGE to adequately cover us both, and still we manage to steal all the blankets from one another.

but i digress. counted my pile. 86 blocks, excellent. i'll make it 9x9 and that'll still be 108" square, perfect, fine, let's go. start randomizing the blocks. HOLY HELL THAT ONE HAS IRON MARKINGS ON IT FROM THE WATER. not sure where that came from because i was VERY careful with ironing them...because the blocks are white. k, k, it'll be fine, shout that shiz and keep moving, sew up a row...then come across another one with iron stains. YUK. quickly stop sewing to investigate further, hopefully there won't be more than 5 with iron stains since i only really need 81/86. thankfully there were only 3 in total, and so i managed. dog hassles for a bit, and finally settles in, sewing goes into full-on mode.

1/3 of the wedding quilt, all hanging nicely pressed!

i got three rows put together, seams pressed open, ALL of my threads trimmed (i assembly lined most of the piecing and didn't trim all my threads close--never again), happily putting things in order to get to bed, go upstairs and i notice the pizza box (the one with the leftover half of the expensive, yummy, gluten free pizza) tipped onto the floor. yeah, that would be the EMPTY pizza box on the floor. between the boy and the dog, i just am NOT destined to eat pizza for breakfast. she would not even come near me. i actually wish i'd gotten a picture of it. she sat on the third top step and had her head RIGHT at the edge of the stair and was just looking at me with one eye. VERY hard to keep my angry face on and not burst into giggles. such a self-satisfied little jerk.

literally a minute before i discovered the pizza carnage.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

yay i finished something!

a fun little flopsy beret that i made for the spring started with the intention of having a cute little spring beret. it is now mid-july. it will be perfect for the fall. that is all.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

we came, we sewed, we napped.

diamond and i have been busy with no one around to whine at about being sick (me), wanting to go out and play (diamond) and wanting attention (me and diamond both).

we dog parked, ate, ran errands, sewed up some rows, napped, ate, dog park'd some more, and FINISHED THE QUILT TOP!!! i'm now kind of thinking that it might be nice to finish the whole thing for when the man's return. i mean, i have until friday, so it's doable, but i'm not sure that i want to rush that much...

the one where i'm a huge suckface

mister man is out of town for a whole week. A WHOLE WEEK! which would be good except i couldn't get to sleep last night at ALL. plus, the dog took it as an invite to hog the bedsheets...oh, and stay on the bed all night. and she's following me around like a shadow. so basically, we're both big suckfaces today since our man is gone camping. in the rain. :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

i find pressed seams just so satisfying!

so i finished my blocks for our new quilt today, pressed all the seams open, and i've decided that seams will be pressed open for always now. this is a combination decision: the wedding quilt seams were WAY bulky pressing them to one side and then having tons of bits in the block, and, i really just like pressing the seams open. they are just so nice, especially when they turn out like this:

so perfect! then, spent all evening (ok, i was going slowly and watching girls next door, but still!) squaring up my blocks, but excitement: seven little piles of my quilt rows all ready for tomorrow! will be done the top this weekend and then I just have to figure out what i'm doing about the backing. :)