Friday, July 17, 2009

ripped stitches...but no spilled milk.

(at least) i hate, hate, hate ripping stitches. i know that it usually always means that i've made a mistake, but it also goes hand in hand with "i'm too tired" and "i don't have the patience for this", which is usually what precipitated the ripping stitches. even when i was little when i sat at the machine too long, my mum would have to come and be like "nope, you're too tired, this is enough for today". clearly, lessons were not learned. BUT, i do have a cute new *secret* project underway!

OH, and pinkchalk is having a loverly sale and i got in on the ground floor, to start wedding quilt take two. for another wedding. for another person. not that i've screwed up wedding quilt one. WHICH IS FINISHED BY THE WAY. at least the top. dunno if i mentioned. and it's huge. but mostly: the top she is finished. hooray!

and now to bed.


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