Saturday, May 15, 2010

that's how i'm feeling. i've been traveling a lot for my new job (as if a new job wasn't busy enough, but i've been on three trips in the last month and a half, and have another one coming up in june), and i'm tired. not to mention unkepmt and not-at-all crafty.

PLUS, it's wedding central here, and frankly, that's tiring me out too. i don't feel like i've had any time to just be at home. and we got a new kitten (who is freaking ADORABLE, even when i want to kill him at 5.30 this morning when he was trying to play with my hand. with his claws.), and he didn't want to come say hello when i got home last night, and he's gotten bigger, and the dog is all freaked out that i've been gone so much (maybe this time she won't come home...? every time i leave the front door), and i haven't been seeing the boy, and the sewing machine is WAY at the bottom of the list, which makes me sad.

but, not to be too whiny: i've seen some amazing stuff, and my job is challenging and great, and i'm thinking that i might even like owning a cat. once he learns to sleep through the night, and i train the boy to not get mad at me when i tell the cat to shut up in the middle of the night.

i think that i might have some pictures to post tomorrow. because i will have time tomorrow to craft a bit (YAY!) and also to FINALLY upload pictures from my camera. :)

thanks for listening to my whining, internets.