Friday, July 10, 2009

argh! then yay! then argh! again.

tonight was semi-productive in my little crafting world. less productive in my exercise and not eating everything on the planet world, but that's not the point here. so skipping exercise, and getting some pizza (gluten free, yum!) out of the way, i decided that the wedding quilt would not make itself and would just have to be smaller because i was no longer interested in remaking 6 or so blocks. good, i have lots of blocks and tend to way overshoot sizes anyhow because we (in my bed) are both coverhogs, and so quilts have to be HUGE to adequately cover us both, and still we manage to steal all the blankets from one another.

but i digress. counted my pile. 86 blocks, excellent. i'll make it 9x9 and that'll still be 108" square, perfect, fine, let's go. start randomizing the blocks. HOLY HELL THAT ONE HAS IRON MARKINGS ON IT FROM THE WATER. not sure where that came from because i was VERY careful with ironing them...because the blocks are white. k, k, it'll be fine, shout that shiz and keep moving, sew up a row...then come across another one with iron stains. YUK. quickly stop sewing to investigate further, hopefully there won't be more than 5 with iron stains since i only really need 81/86. thankfully there were only 3 in total, and so i managed. dog hassles for a bit, and finally settles in, sewing goes into full-on mode.

1/3 of the wedding quilt, all hanging nicely pressed!

i got three rows put together, seams pressed open, ALL of my threads trimmed (i assembly lined most of the piecing and didn't trim all my threads close--never again), happily putting things in order to get to bed, go upstairs and i notice the pizza box (the one with the leftover half of the expensive, yummy, gluten free pizza) tipped onto the floor. yeah, that would be the EMPTY pizza box on the floor. between the boy and the dog, i just am NOT destined to eat pizza for breakfast. she would not even come near me. i actually wish i'd gotten a picture of it. she sat on the third top step and had her head RIGHT at the edge of the stair and was just looking at me with one eye. VERY hard to keep my angry face on and not burst into giggles. such a self-satisfied little jerk.

literally a minute before i discovered the pizza carnage.

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