Saturday, November 7, 2009


so i've been crafting a bit, but mostly secret, christmas-y sort of crafting. so no pictures of that, because you really never can tell who is lurking about. ;)

i also need to commit to my UFO project for jacquie's joy in the new year challenge. i've got four ufos that i'm committing to, in pretty much every stage of un-finished-ness.

the wedding quilt, which will have to be done by november 21st, which is when my bride is coming to visit. it's half-quilted, so this is at least feasible, especially now that the lights in my sewing room work again.

then, there's the vintage sheets quilt, which will need to have a border added to it, and then will need to be quilted. i'm not totally sure what i'm doing with it yet, but i think that it might be a good candidate for trying out the quilt shop's long arm rental.

the third is the baby quilt with the leftover blocks from the wedding quilt, which was all ready to go when mister man had an unfortunate bleach incident. now it's picked to pieces waiting for replacement blocks to go in. thankfully i have a TON of replacement blocks, so it should be pieced in no time.

finally is the whirlygiggle baby quilt, which is still in the same states as last time i thought about it--i have a few blocks done, but need to figure out what fabrics i would like to use for the rest of the quilt. so far, i have no inspiration, but we'll see.

and this will take care of my ufos for a while. i've still got jane in the back of my mind, but i'm in no particular hurry there. and, after all, there is a lot of christmas crafting to be done.

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  1. The not being able to post about Christmasy crafty things is killing me.

    Also, making for very boring blog reading.