Sunday, November 28, 2010

knitting like a fiend

so i've finished stockpiling bibs like it's 1999 (assuming, of course that y2k had more to do with spit up than mass chaos...), and now i've moved onto the insane christmas rush. which i was determined to avoid this year, and so started knitting christmas socks (6 pairs) for stocking stuffers in august. AUGUST. so that i wouldn't be rushing like last year.

and then, the group gift for mister man's family didn't work out, and now i've got 5 more adult gifts to figure out, and four gifts for our little neices. oh my! BUT, this *did* mean that i had good reason to get to a yarn store! :D and a craft show.

hit up the ottawa guild of potters annual christmas sale. and got some fabulous wine tumblers, as well as some mugs for mister man, which he didn't expressly say that he wanted, but i wanted to get for him, so that's what he's getting. and then the girls and i hit up wabi sabi, FREAKING FINALLY. none of us had ever been, and i got the last of the yarn that i needed for the adult gifts, including a cowl, a scarf, and two boy hats.

still not sure what the girls are getting. they are 5, 7, 9 & 11, so quite a range. maybe i'll sew something, since that's faster (unless i have to have to pull it up and start again...).

so yeah. no pictures, but lots of plans. good thing that we're knitting two days a week at lunch at work. PLUS, so exciting: there is talk about starting a knitalong in the new year. i've always wanted to be a part of a knitalong, but somehow have never managed to get on board with one...

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