Wednesday, April 15, 2009


SO, wedding plans for a friend got way stepped next weekend. :| not really a problem, except that i got 700 or so buttons to make her coasters for her shower at the end of may, which clearly isn't going to happen, since there now is no shower. so i have 700 buttons and will soon eventually have several button coasters. it'll be great.

BUT my main issue (beyond shoes, hair and nails) is that i had until august (four months from now) to make her a quilt present, which is clearly not going to get done in the next 10 days. :( so i had it suggested that i give her a piece of the fabric and tell her that it'll be done for her original wedding date. it seems kind of passive aggressive-y and like i'm ransoming her her present with small shards of fabric, but a good plan since i don't know what else to get her for a present. i think that i've settled on a wonky star pattern, so will start cutting my 320 patterned squares this weekend in preparation for the 700+ white squares that will come later. :)

also, my packages were all delightful, and i'm just ROLLING in fun new fabric, the newest came all the way to me from new zealand! and, the collecting for the charm quilt is going well, i've got well over a hundred already. so only about 900 or so more to go...

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