Monday, April 27, 2009

apparently i suck at being a blogger

cuz my two annex-mates have blogs, and they've linked their blogs to MY blog (which, ps, i didn't actually anticipate anyone i know finding or reading, which is stupid since 90% of my friends are librarians with mad search skills and they blab shit to the other 10% of my friends, resulting in approximately 100% stalking) but i didn't realize, so i was all "aww, ciaoemily is linking to me" and then mayflower got all "i link to you too! you prolly don't even know where my blog is", which isn't true...i know where it is, i just didn't realize it was running again...sigh. i need to rss some shiz and link up some stuff before bed, i guess.

but i at least earned my keep by html'ing the crap out of mayflower's blog, totes earning the title "nerd". take that tim craven, you jackass. take that.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha - yeah. You'll clearly never have another moment of privacy in your entire online life.