Friday, March 13, 2009

my grandmother's buttons.


took the day off work to rest before a stressful weekend and a MIL visit next week. my main goal for the day was to pick up my disastrous sewing area, which was mainly a success. now i've got to figure out one more small shelving spot and hanging up my rulers and cutting boards. and, i want to do something with my grandmother's buttons. they are housed presently, but not very nicely. i'd like to put them in jars or something, and then have them somewhere visible, but i'm quite sure what i'm doing with them, and i also don't have any shelving for them just now.


see how clean and lacking in shelving?!??

i've found the lovely kathy at pink chalk studio, which might actually be the cutest fabric store ever. waiting impatiently for my haul of *sale* YAY fabrics! also very important is the fact that she ships to canada AND that she ships to canada at an extremely reasonable price!

and, i decided tonight that for our trip this weekend, i need a small bag for my toiletries, so that's what i've been up to this evening. mister man didn't like the overall denim that i chose to use for the outside, but definitely liked the green i picked for the lining. denim is a recycled pair of overalls and the green is a reclaimed silky-ish scarf with some lightweight interfacing. going to figure out how my machine makes buttonholes for me, and then it'll be done and i'll be tucked up in bed.



all in all, a productive day, but i'm ready for another 10 hour night. :) which would be ok except that i come to bed to find these little scenes all set up for me.


the dog, in the span of me being in the bathroom brushing my teeth and washing my face, hid her bone on my laptop and dragged over the man's sweater to cover it. such a silly monkey that little dog is...

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