Thursday, March 19, 2009


so guess what came in the mail yesterday?!!? 700 buttons!

AND, some loverly jay mccarroll fabric, winter wonderland. i'm going to use this for a prezzie for a friend, kind of surprisey-like, so no more deets, but it's SO nice.

and soon...there will be pink chalk fabric fabrics, which i'm very, vurrrrrrrrry excited about.

tonight: cutting more circles, and possibly starting on my patchwork project for my partner for lindamade's patchwork swap.

tomorrow: sending out some vintage sheets for a swap-bot swap, for eventually to make a picnic blanket a la this.

and finally, i'm madly knitting a making dishcloth for a friend's bebe bro for his graduation next week from boot camp. cuz what every new marine wants: dishcloths knitted by his sister's friends who he's never met. :D

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