Sunday, August 16, 2009

family v. crafting v. my waistline

so i had good plans for getting crafty and other things done this weekend. i really did. instead, i napped (although not enough because i'm still exhausted), visited a lot, and ate out a LOT. oh, and didn't gym once. :P tomorrow i'll be back on the wagon. this evening, i'm hoping to carve out a bit of crafting space to plan out my quilting plan for the wedding quilt. lqs now has a LONGARM MACHINE TO RENT! yay! i will be playing with this a lot, i think. especially since i did the tumbler quilt on my machine, and honestly, i just do not know how people manage to quilt things on domestic machines without killing someone. for reals. i had a less-than-double sized quilt going and was FRUSTRATED even with the minimal quilting I was doing, i can't imagine doing something big. and i like BIG quilt tops since mister man and i are both severe bedhogs.

also, the girls are too cute. they've been a bit much since it's been hot here and we have no air conditioning, which they aren't used to, but still. adorable. and it turns out that i have a lot of dvds that kids like. last time, it was he-man (AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE) with the other little neices, and now these ones are upstairs GLUED to the smurfs--it's the first time they've seen the smurfs. i'm thinking that maybe after dinner, it may be a good time for fraggle rock!

off to eat more food. chinese! and cuppie cakes--it's the oldest's seventh birthday. and then craft.

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