Saturday, August 29, 2009

my plan for a weekend of crafty goodness has been put into effect. hooray! so the whirlygiggles were the result of thursday evening's work. i need to get a few more fabrics to add to the quilt, which is destined to be a baby quilt for a january baby shower. i'm thinking that it needs a vibrant purple, a yellow, and some more blue. and possibly some green. definitely no more red, pink or orange. this comes from a pattern given by crazy mom, and the perusal of MANY a whirlygiggle quilt and tutorial, but all in all, SUPER easy to piece, i was pleasantly surprised.

today was spent hermit-like in the craft room, and not all in a good way. the morning brought me brown crud spewing from my iron and some mad iron cleaning and the lasting stink of hot vinegar, but it seems ok now. no more brown, but starting to get drippy, which i had noticed before. hopefully i won't need to replace it, because it's really quite a good little iron.

break mid-day to venture out into the pouring rain for this, which is my fall project, and e's fall project. more on that later:

also, just ignore that junk in the corner. and that other junk in that other corner.

next up was charm squares cut for a hgtv swap, which is excellent because i can swap around 200 and this will bring my running total up to about 800, which will be almost enough to start on a charm quilt!

the big finish today was the baby blanket made from the extra blocks from wedding quilt number one:

i'm kind of thinking that it might actually be MUCH better with the same sashing as i used in between around the border. i'm finding the white around the outside a little yuk.

and finally, just before bed, i finished FINALLY started and finished ironing all the fabrics which have been patiently waiting on my drying rack to be ironed. definitely going to bed happy thinking of this lovely stack of fabricy goodness, some of which is destined for wedding quilt number two.

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