Thursday, August 13, 2009

the house is set...

or at least almost set. we have GUESTS coming this weekend. already we have one little monkey here, a good friend of mine who will be here for the better part of a month. and then this weekend and next weekend my sister-in-law will be here with our little neices, which will be adorable. they'll be here for this weekend and next weekend, but for the week in between will be with the other brother in montreal. and the house is set, more or less. the kitchen is clean and the fridge is stocked. the beds are made, the floors are washed and vacuumed, and mister man is picking up a borrowed bigger vehicle tomorrow (child seats. :P) and doing the bathroom. should be a good time, but maybe not a very crafty time...we'll see. if i don't get to my machine too much, i'm definitely going to be checking out the crafty porn around the intarwebs and start gathering inspiration for MY MONTH IN MY QUILTING BEE. ahem...i'm ok. just a lil excited. :D


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  1. You're not alone! It's my first bee, too, and I swear, getting the email saying I was in was about on par with being picked first in gym class. Like, really, me?? *squeals with glee* And I have been stalking other bee pages ever since, and looking at my stack of fabrics to try and decide what I'd like to send...

    And we're both librarians! I'm sorry, but quilting librarians? How could we NOT be picked for this?! Too cool!