Sunday, August 23, 2009

i just HAD to tell SOMEBODY!

preggers news!!!! one of my best ladies (actually, the aforementioned lovely bride #2) just called to share some fab news she'd gotten for the weekend--one of her good friends (whom i simply ADORE!) is preggers! she was like "so i know that maybe you need some lead time on baby thingers, so of course i called you first. ANDYOUHEARDNOTHING" hahahha. YAY! so tomorrow will be the start of the search for THEPERFECT pattern for a baby quilt. i'm stoked. and a bit nervous--i only have until january(ish) for to produce something for the baby shower. although TECHNICALLY she isn't due until march, so yeah. oh, and another friend of a friend (who is also one of the most lovely women of all time) is due in november, and i need to get in gear on something for that soon-to-be-little-one as well, but i've already got something in the works there, so i'm not SO concerned about it.

also, also--i won't drink the water, no fear there!

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