Tuesday, August 25, 2009

and so it begins.

a year of meeting new people, i have just heard, is on its way to me via the australian and canadian mail systems! (hopefully playing nicely with one another) and i just kind of had a heart attack. someone else is going to send me a set amount of precious fabric and i'm going to have to make something lovely out of it AND NOT SCREW IT UP. that's kind of pressure. but i've already kind of got an idea. kind of. maybe just an inkling.

also, i still have to twist a few arms or throw in a few more "ehhhh?"s cuz it IS a good idea, but i think that i might have a plan for a real live bee in real life. to make a blanket for a good cause. yes e, baby bro is a good cause! (i will be testing you on this post later, as previously discussed)


  1. I am ridiculously excited for the first round of The Beehive. Since I have about a week between the Aussies sending out fabric and actually getting it, I've decided to run a test block or two in their style, so that I'm ready (-er) to tackle the block once the packet arrives. (Holy run-on sentence, Batgirl!) I figure at that rate, I'll have my own 12 blocks at the end of a year to make a sampler!

  2. I do believe I would pass said test. And I agree, he IS a good cause. Hurray!

  3. YAY!

    Meg: we'll be great, although I'm really nervous/excited as well!

    Em: I'm glad you're on board. Next stop: picking colours. Perhaps tomorrow on the ring.

  4. Hi Katrina, Have you got your little bundle of fabric yet? Mine arrived this morning and I am very excited.