Wednesday, June 10, 2009

because i need variety...

i've been working on several things at once, all in a half-assed willy-nilly fashion.

i've been ploughing along through the wedding quilt, which is good since it's not going to get done on its own. look, the piles are getting reversed, and i've got less than 40 squares left. which i only just realised isn't *that* impressive considering that there are only 90 in the whole quilt. still, more than halfway!

and i've finished this quilt top. it was pre-cut squares which is a LONG story, but was supposed to be done at christmas. either way, it's done now, and i quite like the white border. and, i don't want to jinx it, but this is the quilt that's going to take me pro! a friend liked it and offered to pay me for it. but i think that i might still keep my amateur status for a while. :)

finally, i've gotten some fabulous oilcloth for my dad's father's day gift, which is going to be a hanging bag for his clothespins, since that's the job he's decided on since his retirement and having to pick an around the house job. :) hopefully he'll think that i'm as clever as i think i am.

and, no pics, but further progress on the scrappy quilt: 25+ blocks! 110- to go. :) i LOVE this quilt already, and super adore other people's scraps.

the february lady sweater has been temporarily abandoned due to a lethal (for craft projects, anyhow) combination of laziness and needing to work something out. i've got to figure out how to measure my own armpit (possibly with string) and compare it to my armpit stitches on said sweater. but, never fear fls, you will be mine. she'll come with me on my trip (the long way) to washington dc this weekend/next week and i'm sure to get a lot done there. :)

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