Tuesday, June 2, 2009


and not even in a fun "like a pirate" way. i'm working on the fabulous (hopefully!) february lady sweater in apple green, cascade superwash and it's taking a while because i'm clearly distracted, and i got to the part where counting was involved (hey-o! not my strong suit) and counted wrong SEVERAL times last night and again today, but got it all sorted, then got to this part... "Continue to work
garter stitch until, when you try on the sweater, the sleeve stitches almost meet under your
arms" which was all fine and good when first reading the pattern, until i actually GOT to this part in the pattern and then was like "***...the work is on round needles...how the hell am i going to try it on??" still working on that one. :( so, while not a total fail (yet), definitely a failstall.

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