Sunday, June 21, 2009

i want to say that i'm a clever monkey since i managed to make my puppers two beds for about $20 when one dog bed at the store is $50...AND i made my dad a SUPER CUTE clothespin holder for father's day (yeah, i'm pretty sure it's exactly what he wanted...but whatever. he didn't make any specific requests, so he gets what he gets!) for about $20, plus free stolen (from my dad's closet-HA!) hanger...but i forgot to take a picture of it when it was done, but it was SUPER cute.

so you'll just have to see pictures of the dog's super cute beds. the first one is for at my parent's house since the puppy got diamond's old bed, and diamond is WAY too much of a priss to sleep on the floor:

she dosn't look so impressed because i woke her up from her lazyboy nap to get down and try out the bed because i'd finished it. but she liked it ok in the end:

the second one is for my sewing room since she likes to be RIGHTTHERE in the action, but again..won't sleep on the floor. so far it's been a fine balance between her annoying the crap out of me and me caving and going to get her real bed from the bedroom and dragging it in. but no more!

my dad's clothespin holder came from a pattern on living creatively, which i thought was super cute. i ended up making it in blue and red plaid oilcloth which turned out well. and now i have an extra half-yard of oilcloth which needs some purpose. :)

today: working on my bedquil in white and green. possibly napping. possibly house cleaning on some scale, although that's definitely lower on the priority list. ;)

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