Friday, June 19, 2009

busy like woah!

i've been busy, and crafty busy, and then just regular busy again. but i'm happy with it all. the february lady sweater is coming along nicely thanks to several layovers in...well, just in toronto, but still! and hopefully it fits because i've managed to get the pattern going and everything, WITHOUT any major losing stitches fail.

and i've started a random kaffee fassett designed quilt which i'm doing in plain but starkly different colours with minimal quilting. the whole thing should come together quite quickly except that i decided last minute (this morning while sewing together the first blocks) to make it a teensy bit bigger than planned, which means that i'm about a half-yard short on the white fabric, which is frustrating. but typical. so i guess i'm just going to run with it as planned. :)

and tomorrow brings: the making of the father's day gift! it's going to be pretty cute, i think...i hope at least! i will post pics tomorrow of everything as it comes along. :)


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