Thursday, June 11, 2009

le sigh take two...

this should NOT be a le sigh moment, but is: just finished up the last of the blocks, almost. three still need to be finished, but they were the ones that i screwed up the original pointy bits on, so THOSE strips need to be fixed up before i can finish the last blocks, and to fix up the pointy bits, i need to ORDER MORE FABRIC! :( stupid having *just* enough to begin with, then not quite having enough scraps to make do because i didn't read the pattern closely enough.

off to pack up because i'm in dc for a bit. also have to figure out my knitting dilemma and PACK, which i can only kind of do because i really left laundry to the last minute (it's in the machine now) and still have to decide what i'm going to wear. oh my!

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