Thursday, June 25, 2009

summer, or: how much i love sundresses

a LOT. i got a cute one for $16 at the grocery store, and it is just adorable, especially for only having set me back $16!

problem: no pockets.
remedy: got crafty on that sundress' ass! well, you know what i mean.
lesson learned: pockets are MUCH easier to put in while you're making the garment than after it's already sewn together and lined.

but all in all, i think that they're cute, and i got them both in the right way (definitely have sewn pockets upside down before and had to rip them out. :( ) so i'm pretty pleased with myself. mr. man, however is getting better trained. he didn't even flinch when i barged in on his computer time and asked him to take a photo of my pockets. he just turned around, took the camera, took a picture of my pockets and gave me a kiss. AND, he then (a bit later) came downstairs to commend me on my nice pockets and tell me how clever i am. :) huzzah!

and now off for the weekend. if all goes well, i shall be able to stop at an ikea which carries FABRIC! hopefully i won't be too tired to really take it in, since everyone's fabulous ikea fabric items are adorable, and ours isn't big enough to carry fabric (yet!).

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  1. Guess whose dress is getting borrowed by the roomate? As if this is the dress I gave up on going to Joe sad :( But soooo cute! And I love the pockets!