Thursday, June 11, 2009

le sigh

so had a convo with mister man last night about creativity and making things and appreciating creativity. it turns out that we have very different views: i love the things that my friends and family makes just because the products are extensions of the people that i love, but he doesn't get that and only really loves the item if he finds it aesthetically pleasing. he also said something interesting about how his family doesn't really make things, so he has no point of reference because that's not how they were raised, which i hadn't thought of and found really interesting. don't really know where i'm going with this, except that i expect him to love the things that i make because i've made them, and he isn't going to unless he actually loves them. unfair? unfair for me to demand that he loves my output whether or not he likes them (or *i* like them...?)?

clearly i'm feeling sorry for myself. cuz i'm not feeling well. and because i'm home from work. blah. nap and food and getting over myself. :)

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