Friday, October 23, 2009

my new bebeh...

i got a new iron today. it has some weird special cord, which i haven't figured out yet, and auto shut-off, which i know is hotly debated, but i definitely need because i've come down several mornings to find my iron still plugged in and on, and happy for auto shut-off because the house isn't burnt down. and, it even came with its own little water pouring container, which is way cute!

plan for tonight/this weekend. i'm going to give the dread pirate rodgers' continuous binding technique, which seems highly recommended by the intarwebs. i've got two quite large quilts to finish, and a full day of crafting on tap for tomorrow, hopefully.


  1. Cool iron! Makes me go "eh" when I look at my beat-up 10-year-old Black & Decker. But it still works, so we'll go with it. Can't wait to hear about your adventures in binding1

  2. thanks! it is lovely, but it's basically the newer version of what i had, which was slightly beat up and not so new either. making bias tape went pretty well, although time consuming. i highly recommend the dread pirate rodgers tutorial. i only had to pick one seam in the end, which is pretty good for my direction-following-abilities. ;)