Wednesday, October 7, 2009

blogtoberfest numéro 7.

today, i'm going to discuss my insanity at the orthodontist. i've been back and forth (long story) to my orthodontist recently. their records indicate that they haven't seen me since 1999. at which point, i was 17. IN-SANE. but the other interesting part that i've found is that going there, i totally morphed back into my 17-year-old-orthodontic self. i keep forgetting my purse--first in the waiting room, then beside the chair because when i used to go, i didn't have anything, i just went from the waiting room to the dentist's chair and my mom or dad looked after everything. and then i have to remember to pay (boo-urns!), which my parents always handled. and then deal with the appointment (and my 17-year-old self had today forgotten her agenda, which actually, my 17-year-old-self would not ever have done.), and the stupid claim forms and my jacket! all the while the staff is just shaking their head at me, because really, i guess it's not just me that this happens to, but i'm amusing about it.

and i'll leave you with this little bit of intimacy:

yes, that would be my very own teeth, plaster-casted. in fact, i already have a set of these bad boys from circa 1999 in my drawer at home. i should start a collection on a mantle or something. i just find them SOOOOOOOOO creepy, i'm not sure why. so i figure that everyone should have to look at the creepiness courtesy of my orthodontist. who isn't creepy at all, by the way.

ps--i definitely texted this photo to everyone i know with a cell phone! because today, i'm obsessed with my teeth.

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