Friday, October 16, 2009

a fun-busy weekend ahead!

this weekend might be my blogtoberfest fail moment. i've got my bride coming in from l-town, and we're DOING STUFF. hahahaha. yay! i shoulds till have time to knit some stuff, but i'm not sure about blogging...i got my hat cast on last night, and tomorrow there's a fabric flea market with notions, buttons, fabric, and knitting supplies, so i'm hoping to find a fabulous button! also, going to drag my non-crafty friend to this--she doesn't know it yet, but i'm going to bribe her with the delish goat-cheese-crack-croissants. and by bribe her, i mean: i want the crack-croissants. ;) then, TRYINGONDRESSES (me). mebbe i'll post pictures if they aren't terrible. and if we remember a camera. sometimes we're clever like that. and then friends coming over and a concert. and then mebbe brunch. a lot of our activities seem to centre around food! i'm pretty looking forward to the weekend, even if it means that my scale will be a B on monday morning!

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