Tuesday, October 6, 2009

blogtoberfest, dogtoberfest

the dog has inspired today's blogtoberfest post because of her current insane crunching (she gets kibbles) and the fact that recently, she's been all over the map in her behaviour. she's been refusing to get up on the bed because she doesn't want to jump, and now she's taken the guesst bed to be her own personal queen-sized dog bed. she's been behaving just terribly towards other dogs while she's leashed, she's extra pathetic (even more than usual, if that's even possible...) when i'm doing anything that isn't paying 100% attention to her. i'm beyond frustrated. i think that mebbe he just needs some more attention, since i've been really quite busy lately, which makes me feel like a terrible pet owner, which i'm not, but still! at least it isn't monday, i suppose!

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