Saturday, October 10, 2009

blogtoberfest, NOMtoberfest

this weekend is canadian thanksgiving, and i'm already starting in on the food. diamonddog and i started out early this morning to get park'd, wine'd and going early enough to beat the crowd, as well as to come home and bake before heading to the rents' place for dinner tonight. so far, i've got a spinach, feta & bebeh shrimp quiche done, and pumpkin spice cookies in the oven. but it turns out that the cookie recipe that i had was more of a cake-cookie recipe, so i'm going to just make cake out of it, and hope that it turns out to be yum. yum with cream cheese icing.

i'm also hoping that this weekend will have some good crafting in it as well. i HAVE to get started on sandwiching the wedding quilt for the wedding LAST APRIL. sigh. and, i really need to get started on figuring out what i'm making people for christmas. :P

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