Thursday, October 15, 2009

i'm glad that my mom doesn't read my blog

because when she sees i've been up "too late", she calls me to admonish me for it, usually after getting an 11.30 email from me (like last night). it's cute, but also makes me feel bad. and i'm blogging late AGAIN, while madly (ok, half-assedly) trying to cast on a cute little hat so that i feel like i'm doing SOMETHING crafty with my life! also, i've got a last-minute birthday gift to make for my SIL, because mister man recently told me that she had apologized for still not having sent me MY b-day gift. me, being the ungrateful brat that i am promptly was like "crap, that means i have to get her something!" and then felt guilty because the whole time she was here, she kept saying how much hand-made gifts meant to her and that she liked them so much more than bought gifts, and any time i wanted to make her anything, etc. so after that, i can't NOT make her something, you know? so i emailed a few crafty friends with a desperate "what can i make FAST" and they pointed me here, which is perfect because it's way cute, and my SIL is in edmonton, and it's bloody cold over there already, so it will be functional too! :) and with that, i'm going to CO 80, and sleeeeeeeeeep.

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