Friday, October 9, 2009

blogtoberfest: oh yeah!

i kind of forgot to update re: my birthday weekend. i went down to l-town to visit with my lady, miss a (aka bride numero two) over my birthday weekend, and much fun was had. she asked me to be her maid of honour, which of COURSE, i said yes to (silly monkey, of course i would say yes!!), but i'm also stressed about, cuz i might have to speech, and i'm not a good train fluffer, and you don't get much practice time with that. it's like a one shot deal, day-wise. i gather that in that one day, there are many opportunities to hone the train fluffing skillz, but still. i digress.

ANYHOW. much fun was had. we bridal show'd. the only photo i took, which had to be done, was of this lovely cake topper:

and yes, that WOULD be the bride dry humping the groom. on top of your wedding cake. dream? i think so! it kind of upstaged the "classic" bride-dragging-groom-to-the-alter behind it. also noteworthy: the amount of camouflage wedding things you can get. like a guest book. saw that. why you would WANT that tho, escaped me.

next up, we birthday partied with all of the lovely crew down in london--her friends are just DOLLS, and i took this photo. it's a self portrait. of me. grasping her cat like i'm an over-eager 5 year old. and the cat is thrilled to be wearing the tiara that i got because i was the birthday girl. and because i spent the week leading up to the weekend of bridal shenanigans talking about how i really needed to get a tiara just to wear around places. anyhow, here's jel, the most patient cat ON.THE.PLANET.

also, the group was amazed that the cat put up with all this (although he IS a bit of an attention whore) and that i didn't get bit. i think that adrian actually offered to bite me for the cat, since he thought i really deserved it.

this post takes care of a shout out to my lil' bride, and a lovely weekend, and totally justifies the RIDICULOUS photos i took on my cell phone camera, and have subsequently saved as my background photos for my phone. :)

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