Monday, March 7, 2011

successful party, and the cat licking his bum.

it's been a full day. the man's birthday, and thus party, and the cat was so stressed, he hid under the bedsheets the whole time. but now he's leaned up against me cleaning his bum. mister man says that this shows that he's so comfortable with me that he can clean himself, and wants to be near me. i'm not sold on the idea.

anyhow, lovely party. tired, but happy. my friends are awesome, and happy moment: boys in the living room with beer and loud nerd talk, girls in the kitchen getting things ready to eat. and the boys are all capable cooks, and the girls are all modern-y career girl types. but it just made me really happy in that moment to have the house filled with noise and everyone just around, and even to be kind of weirdly traditional through no real design of our own.

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