Sunday, March 6, 2011

introducing....the PITA twins!

bah-bah-da-dahhhhhhhhh! it's:



i swear, this morning, they hatched a plan that went something like this:

handout: hey, i'm locked out!
the kitten: shit, me too. they lock me out all the time.
handout: well not me! so here's what we're going to do: i'm going to sit outside and whine for a half hour or so. then, come back after an hour, when they're good and asleep again, and start up again...
the kitten: ok. you know what i finds works well for me, batting at the door. sometimes, i even jump or thow myself against it.
handout: GOLDEN. i'll paw at the door and maybe throw some small barks in with the whining.
the kitten: ok. and once you're in, i'm going to jump up on the windowsill. OH YES. i will jump onto the windowsill *scheme-y paws*
handout: done and done. then i'll get on the bed and lick them a lot.
the kitten: YES! and i'll wander aimlessly and meow, then jump up and down onto the windowsill and the bed and the windowsill and the bed, and then meow some more. AND THEY WILL WANT TO PET ME SO BAD BUT I WON'T COME.

*end scene*

they then proceeded to carry out this plan STARTING AT 7.00 ON SUNDAY MORNING. today, i have honestly no idea why we have pets.

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