Saturday, March 19, 2011

sock theory

SO, i'm sure that we've all heard of the infamous "second sock syndrome" whereby one gets bored after the first sock and then still has to make a second sock to end up with a pair. i was telling a colleague the other day that i'd come up with (during my insane sock knitting for everyone at christmas last year) for circumventing the sss. so here's my theory:

1. knit sock one (pair one).
2. knit sock one (pair two).
3. by the time you get back to pair one to knit the second sock, it's new and interesting again.
4. by the time you get back to pair two, ditto.
5. you end up with two pairs of socks, and aren't bored.

so. it works, in theory. it was working for my co-worker-knitter, until she was sidetracked by another sock that she just couldn't resist. and being the good person i am, i definitely made fun of her.

confession: i'm really no better. i'm most of the way through a pair of socks, and have a work project, the wispy cardigan, and somehow still managed (in a day and a half), to start a knitted tutu, a pair of baby booties, and another pair of socks.

sigh. my name is katrina, and i have a problem. :) my problem is that i have a christmas' worth of sock yarn in the basement. and a short attention span. at least they will get done well in time for christmas...?

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