Friday, December 3, 2010

what a bunch of whiners over here

so i had started a koolhaas for mister man, but somehow managed to screw something up about three rows back, not notice, then notice, then think "maybe it'll be ok" and cable another row, and that somehow magically didn't fix it. so i was so angry that i needed to just put it down.

but i made the mistake of telling him that the hat was for him, and he's fresh out of hats presently (he's lost them all, somehow), so everty time he sees me knitting something, he looks sad and asks if it's his hat (because he has no hat, and it's cold out). and i have to tell him again that i screwed up his nice project and still can't bring myself to look at it, but he'll have a hat soon...

so last night, it finally occurred to me that i could get my brother-in-law gifts (hats) off my needles really quickly if i just made the yarn bulkier (DUH!), but then mister man noticed that there were hats, and was all "what about MY hat, i don't have a hat..."

so now he does:

and, it was all tucked up next to his pillow this morning when i got up, so he clearly wore it to bed! it's nice to be loved. or at least for the knitting to be loved...

also, on my way to stealthily (more or less) photograph the hat in its new natural environment, the cat was also being a big whiny baby, and kept throwing himself in front of me to play:

ps--sorry for such grainy photos, not sure what my problem last night was...

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