Friday, December 10, 2010

reasons why i should not start projects on friday evening:

1--i'm tired and consequently, and without fail, fuck them up and end up spending the better part of the evening with the seam ripper, which is NOT good times. this has been true ever since i was a little sewer on my mom's old singer in the basement of our house back in the day.

and tonight is no different. i'm nothing if not consistent.

i couldn't bear to look at another sock, and have decided to make doll blankets for my neices. i had decided on pinwheels, which means half-square triangles. which i'm totally familiar with, and love. so in looking at sizing (add 5/8". five-eigths of an inch?? GUH @ quilters! but onwards.), i found this grid pattern thinger. so easy! FRIDAY EASY!

cut my pieces. drew my grid, sew, sew, sew. snag. out of bobbin thread, fine, move on. snag: i'm an idiot. harder to get over, unfortunately. instead of these lovely half-square triangles:

i managed to make a stack of quarter-square-good-for-nothings:

and of course, the inevitable date with my seam ripper. good times.

1 comment:

  1. Aw, Kat, don't get discouraged. I've been there--a lot!! A favorite saying of mine is "Nothing easy is ever simple." Apparently, I'll spend my life illustrating that one!

    Chin up!