Monday, December 27, 2010

i know that this is bad, but don’t judge me.

i’ve never swatched before. ok, well a couple of times, but not properly. (clearly, since these garments have since been frogged...) le sigh. so now i’ve gotten some delicious yarn for christmas (malabrigo lace), and would like to make an actual sweater that fits. (i know, crazy talk. but still.) so i’ve decided that i really, really need to just bite the bullet and swatch.

problem number 1: i don’t know how to swatch properly…thankfully google’s got my back. go first result!

problem number 2: i’m knitting with lace yarn, and all i want to do is really start my project! but i persevere. and may have a swatch done sometime this week and i can cast on for reals...

and on a less whiny note: christmas crafting was a success. everyone seemed to like what they got, and there was only SLIGHT being made fun of, courtesy of my dad who got some special socks last year, since they were the first pair i'd ever knitted...

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