Monday, September 14, 2009

i just love my guild

my aunt, who encouraged me to join her guild, makes going to my monthly guild meeting just adorable! she's super encouraging and thinks that i should get started trying EVERYTHING that i express interest in, which i find VERY like me and my dad (her brother), which also amuses me. she's got some patterns for some lovely things that i can try (i could TOTALLY do *that*), and some hand frames, and is always like "well, if you want to learn to hand quilt, you've got the best hand quilter in the guild sitting two seats down from you" and stuff like that, then makes me little notes about their names and stuff. it's adorable. and now i have several more projects lined up, including learning to hand quilt some things on some small frames she's going to give me. :)


  1. you're too adorable.
    and you know that bragging about all those projects you want to get going on means that one needs to be for me right? oooobviously ;)

  2. teehee! of course something will be for you soon my dear...