Sunday, September 13, 2009

bees, staples and a whole lot of chocolate

today was a day for odds and ends, in addition to naps. i just love lazy sundays.

started off with some bee blocks. for mel, from the beehive, i made these three:

and then, for becca from bee addicted 3, i made some houses. becca made the mistake of telling us that we could do whatever we wanted, that she wanted any size we wanted and that we didn't need to square up the blocks because she wanted to see about putting them together. hopefully she isn't terribly annoyed when she finds these from me:

took a bit of a break for a nap and some homework from my upholstery class. i just cannot believe how many freaking staples are in this freaking chair. but it's coming along, as you can tell from the photo, probably. doesn't it look great? and i'll be all ready for next week, hopefully!

next up was a bit of gearing up for the fall. we had been given a hand-me-down full-body raincoat for the dogfink, but it needed to be pinned up a little bit because she's got stumpy little legs. she was THRILLED with the whole pinning and trying on process.

that about sums up my day today, except that i'm going to have to get back to the last of the chocolate, and maybe try to clean up around a bit, since i have no clean clothes.

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  1. Hi Katrina,

    Great blocks, love the quirky houses hehe! Mel's blocks look great too. Bec