Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i'm [finally] learning patience!

because the bed quilt is making me its bitch. no joke. but i'm learning patience and actually found some zen in the quilting. but not after some REALLY un-zen. i started with a hot pink on the top to contrast with the white fabric (this would be a lovely colour i chose after changing the yarn twice) and white on the back against the deep purple backing. well, the pink looked TERRIBLE, and the lines weren't straight, and I didn't like the piecing. so i started another line with white top and bottom. it looked much better, but somehow my bobbin tension was WAY off, and the back was a huge tangle. so i spent an hour and a bit picking out three and a half times of 104" long stitching. YAY! anyhow, gave up, slept, gave the quilt some room, and now am doing white top and bottom, VERY slowly, and it's coming out beautifully. 4 rows down, 50 or so to go. :)

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