Wednesday, February 18, 2009

post number one

so my last blog actually lasted quite a while, but i pretty much quit posting in 2006 when i started grad school, which is, coincidentally, about the time my knitting dropped off drastically. who knew that doing a master's degree would be so frigging much work?!

anyhow, i'm back at it, mostly to chronicle what i've been working on, looking at and plotting to get up to next, primarily with my knitting and quilting.

i've discovered swapping, and am obsessed. i've already swapped several scraps & fat quarters with a host of lovely ladies throughout the world via the intarwebs, and i'm just LOVING it. :) i actually just today got my package from the we the people scrap swap. i got a bunch of loverly fabrics which i *will* sort this weekend, along with the fq's that i got from the last swap a few weeks ago. i've also joined swap-bot, which is awesome, and i'm anxiously awaiting the deadline for the first of several (million) nickel swaps that i've signed up for. this weekend is dedicated to cutting up 5" fabric squares, packing up packages and sorting out what all needs to be posted when. and possibly a slight trip to the fabric & yarn store.

also on the radar is a vintage sheet quilt--quite sweet, and a knitted baby-ghan for a not-yet-even-thought-of baby (DEFS not mine!). i have a couple of friends who have recently or are rapidly heading for wedding-ville, and i can't be sure that 9 months will be enough time to knit babythings, so i want to get a jump on it.

i've also been on ravelry non-stop and am participating in a swap there for which i made a small project bag which turned out beautifully (and only a light tearing up and re-jigging, thankyouverymuch!). my swap partner there is a sock knitter, which i don't really get, but am quite envious of after pawing at sock yarn all last weekend.

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