Wednesday, February 25, 2009

orange peel!

here are some pics from all the cutting i've been doing...and forcing my roommate and visiting friends to help with. i'm making an "orange peel" quilt. these are my two fabrics.


there are 175 squares in total, and they're around 8.5" around, so we'll see how big the quilt ends up being. i really did think that there would be enough, and there should, i guess, but i was hoping for a bit bigger than a standard queen-sized quilt, since both me and the boy (and the dog when she gets the chance) are HUGE cover hogs. we shall see.


now i just need to get some fabric to use as backing. i'm not sure what colour to go with. obviously, white seems to make the most sense, but really, white and i aren't totally the best of friends, for reals. i'm a BIG spillypants. my roommate's suggestion is a really deep, dark purple and i'm also thinking that a dark brown might be nice. but i'll probably end up going with white, and will have another 175 circles to force people to help me cut out.

i also had a friend's little sister come to our stitch n' bitch and she unraveled and balled a gazillion skeins of lovely cashmere yarn that is spent two weeks knitting into a heinous shrug. so now it is all ready to be knitted into a baby blanket...i think. it's ready for something at least. also, it turns out that i LURVE having me the little helper monkies working on the crafting.

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